• Mini Buffet

    Mini Buffet (2)

    Budget friendly little catering services that has lesser options but able to cater to smaller crowds. Packed in aluminium foil trays and boxes to ease transportation to ensure the food arrives in a proper manner. Keeping leftovers would be easy as well, just like how you keep your pizza's to eat at a later time. Our mini buffets are equipped…
  • Mini Buffet Add ons

    Mini Buffet Add ons (12)

    Would like to have some drinks, or additional food for more people. Here are our choices, from purchasing ladles to extra Beef Rendang for your guests needs. Only available with purchases of any Mini Buffets. 
  • Prepacked Food (Not Available)

    Prepacked Food (Not Available) (42)

    From Chicken Chops to Penang Char Kuey Teow, from Kuey Teow Soup to Chicken Rice, all of our food will be packed and delivered to you in a timely manner. Currently catering packed food to Great Eastern Insurance, Standard Chartered Bank and many more customers to mentioned. We are sure to provide you food that are in the best quality…